"I initially walked into Alexis' office at Evergreen Counseling with my arms crossed and hopeless. Therapy had never helped my depression before, and while I assumed this would be the same case, but I was desperate for anything that could help. Alexis saved me, and I can say that confidently and loudly. I had never met a therapist who "got me," and she did so immediately. She changed my very opinionated mind about therapy (I had been against it for the longest time because it never worked and felt forced.) I've been seeing her for almost four years now, and I can't put into words what she has helped me accomplish. I'm a different person today, thanks to Alexis. If you're a skeptic when it comes to therapy, this is the practice for you. Worth every penny and then some. Highly recommend to one and all!!" -Erin G.


"We so often enter treatment when in crisis, and I was no exception. Finding Alexis in 2013 was key to working through a severe depressive episode. Her compassion, warmth, and understanding made it easier to open myself up and begin to heal. Since that time, she has seen me through marriage crises, issues related to aging, feelings of utter hopelessness, career angst, and existential floundering. With her help, I have made sense of these issues and continue to work to become the me I long to be. Alexis is flexible, practical, and solutions-driven in her therapeutic approach. She meets me where I am and is always attuned to my history and what I have shared with her in the past…seamlessly she transitions with my needs. After all these years, the quality of our work remains robust, and I am honored to have her on my journey. It is, therefore, without hesitation that I recommend Alexis to anyone seeking a productive, compassionate, authentic partner in therapy." -Kelly


"I began seeking therapy from Alexis/Evergreen Counseling in 2015, when she still operated out of a Philadelphia office that was around the corner from my workplace one day a week. I was able to see her for an hour that counted as my "lunch break" from work, which was perfect at the time because I worked full time and had evening classes for my graduate program. Eventually, she stopped renting this office space and I would drive to her Warminster office (almost an hour from where I lived) for less frequent appointments. I didn't have a car of my own at this time and she was extremely understanding and accommodating when I couldn't make an appointment, suggesting that we could meet via phone if it was easier. Almost three years and several big life events later, I continue to see Alexis as often and as regularly as I can, and our therapeutic relationship continues to be a source of strength and support for me. I have been comfortable with her since we first met and I know that I am lucky, as many people don't hit it off with the first therapist they find. We both have similar career paths and her guidance in that regard has also been extremely helpful. I struggle on and off with depression and anxiety and I appreciate how much she has opened my eyes to various approaches and exercises that I knew from my own studies and work, but didn't necessarily think applied to me or my situations. My mindset is a lot different than it used to be (in a good way), and I wholeheartedly recommend Alexis and Evergreen Counseling for your therapeutic needs. :)" -Monica


"My daughter has been working with Alexis for over four years to help deal with anxiety related issues. I am often telling people that it is that best thing that I could have ever done for her. Meeting Alexis has truly changed who she is as a person. While my daughter was very young when she started working with Alexis, she gained tools and a trust in the process that will have as a foundation forever. When things are stressful in her life such as, school or the death of a family member, Alexis is the person she asks for each time.
Not only has Alexis been amazing with my daughter, but during the very difficult time of my father’s illness and passing, she has helped me whole family. We have all worked with her during our grief and mourning. I would highly recommend Alexis and tell so many people about her all the time!" -Jennifer S. 


"Alexis is amazing. When I first found her online I called her and she said she had no spots open but she said she couldn't turn someone down who was asking for help. So she squeezed me in and I've been going sporadically for about a year. She is the epitome of a perfect counselor. She doesn't just say what you want to hear and takes an unbiased approach to different situations. I tried a couples session and Alexis said "We can do this from time to time but it can't become frequent because I would be biased towards you because I don't know her". She should do a Ted talk she's that good. Very humble, open-minded, understanding. I know she has a few other counselors at her location and she was very thorough with who she picked. Often, many therapists become jaded and I can assure you that anyone working at this location is a phenomenal counselor or Alexis would not have brought them on." -Kyle


"Evergreen Counseling is a great place. I work with Alexis, who is nothing short of amazing- even her office is amazing! So comfortable, and you feel like a priority. I have never gotten the opportunity to work with any of the other therapists, but knowing how dedicated Alexis is, I know they are amazing as well. I have been working with Alexis for over a year, and have never looked back." -Sarah L.


"My daughter was fortunate enough to be assigned to Alexis through another practice when she was a freshman in high school. Alexis opened Evergreen Counseling shortly after and six years later my daughter continues to treat with Alexis. As a parent, it is heartbreaking to watch your child suffer and not be able to help. Alexis has been successful in guiding my daughter through difficult times. She adjusts the frequency of the sessions to meet the needs of my daughter and the challenges she is facing at the time. She has guided her through her high school years and now into college. Life will continue to bring challenges to my daughter and I am confident Alexis will be there to counsel, guide and teach her how to cope along the way." -Marianna


"Evergreen Counseling in Warminster, PA has been nothing short of amazing! My first interaction was with Alexis through email. I had a difficult schedule, where I work most nights and weekends. Alexis was so patient in helping me find Liz, my therapist, who is AMAZING, and also an appointment that fits my schedule. I would and have recommend them to my friends." -Danielle H. 


"Alexis and Evergreen Counseling provide the right environment to cope with the everyday pressures. Having a place to talk is priceless." -Lisa G.