Evergreen Counseling, LLC is a boutique private practice that offers individualized therapy plans tailored to support your unique experiences and circumstances and help you lead your best life.  

Our Practice

Evergreen Counseling, LLC combines a welcoming, supportive environment with compassionate and experienced therapists dedicated to client wellbeing and personal growth. We work with individuals from all walks of life – from children to adult; as well as in group settings with couples and families. 

Since we opened our doors to Evergreen Counseling, LLC in 2013, we have nurtured relationships with not only our clients but healing facilities in the surrounding area, creating unique opportunities for clients to grow and thrive within the local community.  

our environment

We believe comforting environments where you can feel safe, accepted, and able to openly express yourself without fear of judgement is critical to making progress in therapy. Consider our office as an extension of your home. Here, you are welcome to be you.